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Welcome Offer: 250 Dental Kits + FREE Vending Machine

Instructions for purchasing:
Remember that your shipping address is requested only in the third step of the purchase.
There is no pre-purchase form. In the third step decideyes If you pay with:
Credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

*The price includes VAT and free transportation to any country in the European Community.

The vending machine can also be sent with a 2 euro disc. Once the purchase is made, send a WhatsApp to the phone number +34600770711. The sticker is sent in the language of your country.

1 FREE Vending Machine + 250 Dental Kits
VAT and Transport included

(You recover 100% of the purchase and earn 55 euros by reselling it for 1 euro per unit.)

*Alsowe send coin mechanism with 2 euro disk

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